A downloadable game

WASD : to move

Mouse : aim

E : to use selected gadgets

Spacebar : item pickup/use

Mouse scroll : select gadgets

Left mouse : gun & melee ready -> fire / attack

right mouse: toggle flashlight


You are a lightrunner in a world devoid of life and it is through deadly fog that you scavenge the corroded world for parts, energy, and information. Your only defense is light as this keeps the deadly Smog at bay and hurts the dark monsters lingering everywhere. The lightrunner you control is skilled but relies on energy to generate light and it is energy that rules his actions, how long you have to complete a mission and how many monsters you can fight.

You, the player, have to make tactical choices in short turns to survive the claustrophobic levels and suspenseful missions. Will you sneak or blast monsters with your rifle? Maybe you prefer to ambush the monsters and use the light blade to take them down silently?

Whatever you do make sure you are able to make it to a safe haven and recharge your battery!

This project has halted and forum/support might not be responded to

website: http://sensingdesign.ddns.net/

forum: http://sensingdesign.ddns.net/forum/

support: http://sensingdesign.ddns.net/support/

A special note for the great audio guys that helped us from the other side of the country:
Leonhard van Voort: Audio @ Youtube
Jonathan Howe: Audio @ http://jonathan-howe.com/

Johnny G. Mills, Producer @ LinkedIn
Benny Arents, Design Lead
Thomas van Wanrooij, Tech Lead
Roy van Stralen, Art Lead

Geronimo van den Braak, Character Artist @ www.geronimomade.nl
Jan Timmers, (Level) Designer @ http://jantimmers.com/
Joeri Stikvoort, design / support
Leroy Ketelaars, Tech

Marco Meeuwse, Art
Michael van Hooff, prop artist @ http://michaelvanhooff.com/home/
Pradnyasari Widyaputri, Animation Artist
Sebastian Mollet, Artist @ sebastianmollet.com
Tijs Bolder, artist

Install instructions

Just get the compressed file and extract the folder and the executable. Then run the executable and enjoy :D


The Lightrunner for Windows 132 MB